Abortion Won't End without an ANSWER!

"Quick math reveals that there are roughly 138 Southern Baptists for every child in the American foster care system waiting to be adopted. To say it another way, this single denomination has an enormous opportunity to eradicate the orphan crisis in America."

And that's just ONE denomination of evangelical believers!

Wow...these are statements from a CNN article written 6 years ago. Sadly, still true today. We praise sanctity of life Sunday, yet if we're ever going to see an end to the abortion crisis...are YOU ready to mentor women and men and/or adopt their children?! Below states the orphans already in our foster system. This is not counting the possible hundreds of thousands more lives that will need adopted if we tell birth moms to choose life!!! Adoption is an answer to the abortion crisis.

Which is also why we need to make adoption more accessible for families wanting to adopt. AND emotionally a good parenting option for birth moms who choose adoption (without the negative Lifetime B-Grade movie running through their heads!). Fact is most abortion-minded women chose abortion rather than adoption...believing it a better option for the child. Change starts one person, one pregnancy center, one church, one state at a time. Let's change Adoption in America!

Article goes on to say...

"If you’ve spent any time in church, you’ve probably heard a sermon on Noah or Moses or David. But how many sermons have you heard on the biblical mandate to care for orphans? Despite such efforts, the American orphan crisis remains. Too many churches still find it easier to stand behind a megaphone decrying the morality of laws than to stand beside a child in need.

It is time Christians decide to either step up or shut up. If a Christian group wants to wade into the discussion over who should adopt, it needs to put its money and manpower where its mouth is.

That means not only challenging families and churches to adopt from foster care (which costs virtually nothing financially) but also to adopt children resulting from unplanned pregnancies, children with special needs and children of mixed race or minority ethnicity.

If Christians’ only desire is to fight the culture wars and score political points, then they should continue to lean on empty rhetoric. But if they truly care about the family and the Bible, they’ll begin caring for children who desperately need a home."

TIME IS NOW to start fighting for LIFE...not just say we believe in it! Just my thoughts for today as I snuggle my precious two boys, whose birth moms are my heroes.

Article: (http://religion.blogs.cnn.com/2011/06/16/my-take-on-adoption-christians-should-put-up-or-shut-up/)


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