The Seven Attributes of a Godly Man

This past Valentine's Day was JOY! I got to share a message of God's Love to an awesome college student body with the people I love sitting in the audience (namely my beloved husband).

As a writer and follower of Jesus Christ, I take very seriously the written Word...and the written word. The first far more seriously. But, God gave me the gift of writing, so I passionately pursue the written word as well. God commissioned me to write Absorbed, my book focused on how young women can live a life flourishing in Christ in singleness, dating, and marriage. We knew the time would come to write a book to young men (middle, high school, and college aged), who were desperate (whether they realized it or not) to know how to live honorably, courageously, and purely before the Lord. How to thrive as a spiritual leader, individually and one day as they would lead their family (and possibly the Church). A lack of spiritual leadership is devastating our generation. Men need to know how to be men!

So, here is the new commission: My husband and I are beginning the adventure of co-authoring a new book to young men. No idea when we will finish this endeavor! When I spoke Tuesday, I shared Seven Attributes of a Godly Man to the student body. I'll share them again today. God is taking us on a journey! Join us in prayer on this writing journey as we expand on these attributes and much more to encourage young men to thrive in Christ! After all, living the way that you were created for MUST BE the best way to have the best life possible!

Attributes of a Godly Man

  1. Flourishing Disciple of Christ who makes Disciples

  2. Knows and Obeys God’s Word

  3. Seeks Purity and Honor

  4. Serves and Sacrifices for Others

  5. Shows Humility through Compassion and Kindness (and Humor)

  6. Submits to Authority as a Life-time Learner and Good Communicator

  7. Pursues Godly Endeavors with Courage and Vision


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