What is Biblical Counseling?

I received my Master's in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2014 (after FIVE years alongside my husband in school!). It is the most incredible counseling "technique." Probably because it is not a technique, but fervently "doing life" with another person--being the Body of Christ. It is not psychobabble, it is not only feelings driven, it is not our own wisdom or experience, it is not just putting a "band-aid" on someone's problems and helping them cope with it (which is most secular psychology). It is walking with someone; listening, challenging, encouraging, and bringing hope through the authority of God's Word, the Bible. It is getting to the root of the problem so that the person changes...from the heart. It is offering a new start to life, after their life has been completely destroyed by sin or the sin of others. It is giving biblical insight and practical application. It is sharing our own life struggles and encouraging that through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit living in us we CAN live a life that glorifies the Lord. It is getting deep into the Word and learning how to live most biblical, instead of most cultural. It is true joy, not surface happiness. It is freedom, not regulations. It is LIFE!

As far as methods go, biblical counseling can offer someone true hope. I once had a counselee that was a social worker, studying psychology. I asked her why she chose to come to receive biblical counseling instead of going to a secular psychologist. She said, "I didn't want just coping methods, I wanted true heart change!" Wow! Biblical counseling is hard, tedious, burdensome, and tiring. But, getting to be a vessel that God uses to speak His hope-giving-words to the hurting person across the room from you...is incredible! God does not have to use us, but He does. It is the most awesome joy to be used to help a person go from broken in life to flourishing in Christ. This video from MadTV is hilarious...and often a joke among biblical counselors..."Don't you wish it was that easy! Tell your counselee, 'Just stop it!'" Watch this video for what biblical counseling is NOT!


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