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Holy or Happy? Want to know how to have the most fun in life? Do you desire to have relationships that are fulfilling? A destructive lack of understanding has produced a generation who believes that God is after holiness in exchange for happiness. Learn how to joyfully flourish in a morally decaying world. Absorbed challenges women to think deeper about what a godly woman looks like holistically—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It is a fresh and relevant approach; biblically redefining singleness, dating, and marriage. It challenges readers to experience God in relationships and life like never before—prepared to meet their King with an absorbed heart.

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The THREAD begins when two lives intersect: one who is pregnant but needs someone to care for this life growing inside her womb, and another with arms open wide waiting for a child to cherish. If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, are a couple considering adoption, or you are an adopted child this book is a must read! Journey with heroic birth mothers; couples who have given all to fight for a precious child; and grown children once labeled orphan, now a son or daughter with a hope and celebrated future. The Thread gives a fresh and honest look at the gift of adoption.

We don’t ask for storms in our lives, but they inevitably come. Even with feelings of desolation, battered by our fiercest storms, there is much to gain through the journey and passing of the trial. K.J. Nally offers practical and biblical insight into how to suffer well through the storms of life. Some modern psychologists tell us we need coping skills to get through life’s crises. Nally, however, reveals through Christ that we are more than conquerors, victorious over trials and able to find joy even in the darkest times. The Storms of Life challenges readers to never give up in Life—even in suffering. Experience hope for real change and lasting peace in emotional pains, hurting marriages, and addictions. No matter what storm you are facing, God is enough. Learn how to rest in that truth.